What happens to your money while it's invested

Video transcript

If you’re saving for your retirement, have you ever wondered what happens to your money between the moment it leaves your pay packet and the moment you start taking it back as your pension?  

Where does it go?  

Into a Swiss bank account?  

On the 4.50 at Chepstow?  

To the Maldives?  

No. But it does keep itself busy.  

It tries to grow by buying buys bits of companies.  

Often companies you’ve heard of, who make things you like.  

Like tea bags.  


Or TV shows about talented dogs.  

But that’s not all!  

Your money goes into buildings too.  

Like this low energy housing in Manchester …  

And this shopping and leisure centre in Bracknell.  

It put broadband into homes and businesses in Cumbria.  

It backs wind turbines and solar farms, flood defences and hospitals.   

It’s building a new train line right through London.  

It even helps the government educate our children …  

… and keep us safe.  

None of this would exist without help from millions of savers like you, and billions of pounds of your money.  

So if anyone ever asks you ‘what good does a pension do?’, tell them this.  

Pension money’s the hardest working money there is.

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