Who's looking after your pension

Royal Mail sponsor your Plan. This means that while you work at Royal Mail and are saving into your pension pot, they add money to it too. They also decide how the Plan works and what its rules are.

The Trustees are an independent group, separate from Royal Mail. They make sure that the Plan is being run in members’ best interests. The Trustees look after this website. Some of the Trustees are appointed by Royal Mail, while others are appointed by members.

If you’d like to get involved in running the Plan, you can apply to be one of these Trustees.

Become a Trustee

Scottish Widows is the Plan’s investment company and administrator. They invest the money in your pension pot to give it a chance to grow. They send out most of the letters about the Plan, and make sure all the information about you and your pension pot is up to date. When you come to use the money, they’ll make that happen for you.

When you're done with your visit to the website today, I'd love to ask you a few questions about your experience! Select me when you're finished if you'd like to participate.