How much your pension will be worth

While you’re saving into your pension, you’re building up a pot of money. How much money is in your pot when you come to take it depends on:

  • How much money has gone in from you, Royal Mail, and the government
  • How much your money has grown while it’s invested
  • How much you’ve paid in fees – this is the amount that the company that looks after your money takes in return for investing it for you

Your pot isn’t guaranteed to grow every year

It depends on how much your investments go up and down in value. The aim is that your pot grows in the long-run, so that when you come to take your money, you’ll have more than you would have done if it hadn’t been invested.

It’s invested in a way that aims to beat inflation in the long-term

Prices tend to go up every year with inflation. In other words, the value of your money and what you can buy with it goes down. For example, this year a coffee might cost you £2, but in a few years’ time that same coffee might cost you £2.50. The money in your RMDCP pension pot is invested in a way that aims to beat inflation, to protect the value of your money for when you come to use it.  

How much income will I get?

The amount of income you’ll get depends on a number of things, including how you choose to take your money out of the Plan.

How can I take the money in my pension pot?

The Scottish Widows website has a calculator to give you a rough idea of the income you might get from the Plan.

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