Become a Trustee

The Trustees are responsible for making sure the Plan is run properly. As a Member-Nominated Trustee, you’d sit on the Trustee board and help make decisions that affect all RMDCP members.

The role is challenging, interesting and rewarding, and you’d gain lots of experience and knowledge which can be applied to other positions. You wouldn’t get paid, but you’d be reimbursed if you have to spend money on things like travel. You’ll need to come to board meetings every now and again. These are part of the role, so you wouldn’t have to use any of your annual leave to do this. All Member-Nominated Trustees sit on the board for three years. After that time, we’ll hold another election.

As long as you’re saving money into the Plan, and you’ve been employed at Royal Mail for 12 months, you’re welcome to put yourself forward as a candidate. The Plan’s members will then vote for who they’d like to appoint.

When you're done with your visit to the website today, I'd love to ask you a few questions about your experience! Select me when you're finished if you'd like to participate.